You can play several different card games in the office, such as Banana Life,

Coworker Feud, and War of the Wizards. You can also play the tabletop version of Teams Against Humanity – which is only suitable for the workplace – which involves teamwork. The good thing is that these games are both simple and fast. So, no matter how long your team has been working together, they’re sure to have a blast.

Coworker Feud

The game can be played with premade questions or by surveying the crowd. The questions are often related to work, and the goal is to guess the answers that your coworkers would most likely answer correctly. This game boosts morale and builds teamwork. It is also a fun way to learn about your colleagues’ hobbies and likes, and it makes a great team building activity. Whether you’re playing the game at your office or in a remote office, melbet you can find the right questions to help you and your colleagues score high!

Banana Life

If you’re looking for an exciting way to bond with your team, you might want to try the Banana Life online card game. This game combines a remote online experience with the thrill of an escape room. It’s the perfect way to bring everyone together in a fun environment. Banana Life is an Australian company that also offers a number of other fun, remote online games. Here’s a closer look at some of their most popular games.

Evil Apples

Playing the evil apple game at the office is a fun way to break the ice between colleagues. Similar to Cards Against Humanity, Evil Apples has you submitting the best answer to a card based on your own opinion. Your opponent’s favorite card will be judged by the judging player. You can also write custom text and Wildcards to improve your hand, and you can also join others’ Evil Apples game sessions through SMS or Facebook.

War of the Wizards

If you’re looking for a fun way to get your colleagues to spend time together and bond, try playing War of the Wizards. This unique role-playing game has a 90-minute duration and a variety of exciting elements including storytelling, spell casting, and puzzle-solving. As the leader of your team, you’ll be tasked with bringing an end to this epic battle and bringing your team to peace.

Evil Apples is an interactive online game for large groups

You may have seen the naughty cards in Cards Against Humanity, but you’ve never played the dirty card game known as Evil Apples. This game is inspired by the popular party game Cards Against Humanity. Each player takes turns picking a card and a judge among them selects the best card. The victor earns one point. The first player to reach 7 points wins the respect of all humanity. This addictive online game includes more than 6,900 Question Cards and 1,300 Answer Cards, and it features in-game chat. You can write custom text or share screenshots of your favorite cards with friends.